Luciano building

  • History Luciano is a beautifully decorated historical Palazzo. Surrounded by extraordinary beauty of churches, buildings and monuments which are unique to this city. Was built about 400 years ago as the residence ... [more]
  • Restaurant & Cafeteria After careful restoration by Luciano himself, the Restaurant and Cafeteria where established offering great food at good prices. Luciano’s passion is revealed by the many original memorabilia, collections ... [more]
  • Accommodation Luciano furnished another part of the Palazzo and transformed it into a small, warm and welcoming accommodation. Our Boutique gives a different feel from other branded hotels. This converted Palazzo gives a feeling of a home away from home. Guests are welcomed over a cup of coffee or any other prefered beverage at the Boutique's cafeteria. It is our pleasure to help you in any information or assistance you may need. We ... [more]

guest information

Luciano Restaurant, where breakfast for our guests is also served, offers a selection of fine cuisine, with tables both indoors as well as outdoors, on the square.

Watch the flow of people walking through Merchant Street, while listening to the murmur of voices. We are located in a tranquil area, yet just footsteps away from numerous shops and restaurants, open market, ... [more]